Safe Camp Coding: AKA Logan Davis

Name: Logan
Age: 21
Coding Fuel: Arizona Tea

Hello, somehow you wandered into my portfolio page. I could spend this introduction paragraph dropping a bunch on fancy resume-buzzwords like enterprise or production-ready. If that sounds like the most boring possible, feel free to browse a portfolio of my work below. Otherwise, feel free to continue reading.

Though originally from New Jersey, I current reside in the lovely, quiet state of Vermont. I spend my time mostly attempting to get a B.A. in computer science and writing from Marlboro College. I started in Fall of 2013, served as the college's Head Selectperson, worked as a residential assistant, act as the on-call I.T help, and point telescopes at large objects in the sky for other students to observe; I am expected to graduate in Spirng, 2017.

When not working for one of these jobs I spend most of my time writing, coding, or circuit building. I enjoy systems-level, hardware-hacking and will hopefully have some tutorials up to prove it soon. My go-to languages are C (fast, system-level performance), Racket (weird experiments), and Python (general tom-foolery). My main developement tools in circuit related projects are the Atmel/Arduino platform and the Wiring/PRocessing language.

A newer academic interest of mine is the feild of sound art. Exploring the sonorous is a task that a lot of my coding time and reading lists have shifted towards. Expect some noises to come out of your computer if you poke around this site.

Coding Projects:

Sound Pieces:

Coming soon!